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Program : Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Power System)- BEP

Offer Since: 2004


Career opportunities

Graduates of UMP are equipped with skills in Electrical Power System and softskills as an added value which allows them to build a career as:

  • Electrical Power Engineer in utility companies
  • Power System Engineer (on-shore and off-shore)
  • Consultant Engineer
  • Power Quality Engineer
  • Energy Auditor
  • Power Equipment Manufacturer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Technoprenuer

Program Objectives:


Graduates achieve advance standing professionally based on their technical expertise & accomplishment related to engineering practice and research, or in other fields they choose to pursue


Graduates continue to acquire knowledge in technical and non-technical areas in pursuit of life-long learning.


Graduates demonstrate commitment to the community and the professions, holding responsible positions that contributes to the benefits of the society


Program Outcomes: 


Program Structure:

Sem Code Course Credit
I UHL2312 Technical English 2
  UHR1012 Islamic and Asian Civilizations 1 2
  UQB1**1 Co-Curriculum 1 1
  BUF1113 Basic Physics 3
  BUM2133 Ordinary Differential Equation 1 3
  BEE1133 Circuit Analysis I 3
  BEE1931 Basic Electronic Instrumentation 1
  BEE1941 Electrical Wiring 1
II UHL2322 Technical Writing 2
  UQ*2**1 Co-Curriculum 2 1
  UHF10*1 Foreign Language Level 1 1
  BUM2123 Applied Calculus 3
  BEE1143 Circuit Analysis II 3
  BEE1213 Digital Electronics 3
  BEE1951 Technical Drawing 1
  BEE1961 Motor Control 1
III UHL2332 Academic Report Writing 2
  UHF2**1 Foreign Language Level 2 1
  UHS1011 Soft Skills 1 1
  BUM2313 Numerical Methods 3
  BEE1313 Instrumentation & Measurements 3
  BEE2213 Analog Electronics I 3
  BEE2941 Basic Electropnematic 1
  BEE2931 Basic PLC 1
IV BEE1112 Project Management 2
  BEE1222 Computer Programming 2
  BEE2233 Analog Electronics II 3
  BEE3113 Electromagnetic Fields Theory 3
  BUM2413 Applied  Statistics 3
  BEE2951 PLC Application 1
  BEE2951 Industrial Electropneumatic 1
V BEE1611 Occupational Safety & Health 1
  UHM2022 Ethnic Relations 2
  BEE2143 Signals & Networks 3
  BEE2223 Microprocessor 3
  BEE2123 Electrical Machines 3
  BEE3931 PC Interfacing 1
  BEE3941 Microcontroller Applications 1
VI UHS2011 Soft Skills 2 1
  BEE4641 Engineers & Society   1
  BEE3313 Principles of Control Systems 3
  BEE4223 Power Electronic & Drive Systems 3
  BEE3133 Electrical Power Systems 3
  BEE4632 Maintenance Technology 2
  BEE***3 Engineering Elective 1 3
SS BEE3735 Industrial Training (10 weeks) 5
  BEE3741 Industrial Training Report 1
VII UGE2002 Technopreneurship 2
  BEE3413 Principles of Communication Systems 3
  BEE3143 Power System Analysis 3
  BEE***3 Engineering Elective 2 3
  BEE***3 Engineering Elective 3 3
  BEE4712 Engineering Project I 2
VIII BEE4143 Power System Protection & High Voltage 3
  BEE4173 Power System Operation & Control 3
  BEE***3 Engineering Elective 4 3
  BEE***3 Engineering Elective 5 3
  BEE4724 Engineering Project II 4


Engineering Elective Courses

  Code Elective Courses Credit
  BEE4163 Alternative Energy 3
  BEE4113 Electrical Installation Design 3
  BEE4153 Power Quality 3
  BEE4273 HVDC & FACTS 3
  BEE4343 Process Control 3
  BEE4373 Robotics 3
  BEE4323 Embedded Controller Technology 3
  BEE4413 Digital Signal Processing 3




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