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Suliana binti Ab Ghani


Power Electronics, Renewable Energy


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Sustainable Energy & Power Electronics Research (SuPER) Cluster,
Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Universiti Malaysia Pahang,
26600, Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia

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Security Box [2010]

1. Nazrul Fathi bin Fazil 

2. Muhammad Safwan bin Azmi

3. Muhammad Fadhlullah bin Ismuien 



1. Lafsah bt Mat Daud - THD and Efficiency Study for PV Grid Connected [2012]

2. Khairul Na'im bin Abdullah - Voltage Mode Control for Buck-Boost Converter [2012]

3. Kamarudin bin Kamry - Boost Converter with Power Factor Correction [2012]

4. Nur Yasmin binti Amran - Experimental Study for PV Grid Connected [2012]

5. Nurul Izzati binti Yusop - Experimental and Simulation Study for Wind Turbine Grid Connected [2012]

6. Fadilah binti Mohamad - THD and Efficiency Study for Wind Turbine Grid Connected [2012]

7. Hasmariza binti Mohamad - Development of PC Based on Power Meter [2012]

6. Mohammad Syafiq bin Badli Shah - Microcontroller Power Meter Based PC Development [2013]

7. Mohd Afira bin Mohd Shamsuri - Design and Develop LED Lamp Driver by Using a Converter [2013]

8. Muhd Nasrul Hazim bin Johari - Design and Develop Humidity Control System in Incubator [2013]

9. Farah Syazana binti Roslan - LED Traffic Light with Single Display [2013]

10. Norizzan binti Abd. Razak - Design and Develop Digital Speed Vehicle Display System [2013]

11. Siti Munirah binti Mohamad Yusof - Microcontroller Based Power Factor Controlling System [2013]

12. Mohd Khomaini bin Mohd Noor - Self Balancing Unicycle Controlled by Using Arduino [2014]

13. Muhammad Izuddin bin Nipa - Single Display LED Traffic Light Using Arduino [2014]

14. Law Choon Chuan - Self Balancing Two Wheel Electric Vehicle Using Arduino [2014]

15. Abdul Hasyim bin Safiee - Design and Development AC to DC Converter for LED Lighting [2014]

16. Mohd Luqman bin Hashim - Design and Development of Micro Hydro DC-DC Charge Controller [2014]

17. Muhammad Faiz Ahamad Noordin - Development of an Energy Monitoring System for Wind Turbine [2015]

18. Mohd Azriq bin Bahari - Development of Mobile Phone Charger based on Mechanical Hand Generator Power Supply [2015]

19. Mohamad Afiq bin A. Ghafar - Development of Variable Power Supply based on Car Power Supply [2015]

20. Vicneesh A/l Ravindran - Development of Mechanical Hand Generator Power Supply for Battery 12V [2016]

21. Intan Syamila binti Mohd Sukri - Development of Power Consumption Monitoring System for Electrical Appliances [2016]