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Ir. Dr. Fahmi B. Samsuri (Associate Professor)

Expertise: Microelectronics, Nanofabrication, Biochip design & fabrication, Bionano materials, Biosensors, RF & Wireless Communication

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  Associate Professor,
  Applied Electronics & Computer Engineering Research Cluster,
Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Universiti Malaysia Pahang,
26600, Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia

Phone: +609-424-6017
Fax:   +609-424-6000
email: fahmi[at]

Academic Qualification | Working Experiences | Teaching Courses | Research | Supervision | Publications

M.Eng/ M.Sc
  • (Main Supervisor)
  • Nov’13 – On-going
Abdul Alif Wafi Bin Ab Razak (MEL13005): RFID With Wireless Sensor Networks For Monitoring And Security System In Large Working Environment
  • (Main Supervisor)
  • Sept’13 – On-going
Hii Kiew Hui (MEL13002): Wearable Technology based on RFID & Wireless Technology
  • (Main Supervisor)
  • Mar’14 – On-going
Ahmad Azzreen Bin Dalawi (MEL14004): Automatic Payment using RFID for Bicycle Renting System
  • (Main Supervisor)
  • Graduated 2016
Beh Khi Khim (MEL14005): The design and fabrication of biochip using roll-to-roll nanoimprint lithography technique for lab-on-a-chip biological sample investigations
  • (Main Supervisor)
  • Graduated 2017
Siti Nursyahirah Binti Ahmad Latfi (MEL14007): Biochip development for biological cells manipulation using dep using nanoimprint lithography technique
  • (Main Supervisor)
  • Feb’16 – On-going

Nurul Afiqah Binti Rosli (MEL16001): Artificial neural network analysis for Bioimprint SEM replication images


  • (Main Supervisor)
  • Graduated 2015
Dr. Sridhathan C. : Power Line Enhancement For Distance Data Monitoring Of Neural Electrical Activity In The Human Body
  • (Main Supervisor)
  • Graduated 2017
Dr. N.Vigneswaran : Early Cancer Cells Diagnosis Using Integrated Biochip and BioimprintTM Replication Technique for Cancer Research Investigations
  • (Main Supervisor)
  • Graduated 2017
Dr. Muhideen Abbas Hasan Al-Doori : Characterization and analytical studies of CuO nanoelectronic sensor for medical application
  • (Main Supervisor)
  • Graduated 2018
Dr. Ijeomah Geoffrey Ugochukwu : Study Of Transport Properties Of Graphene-Nanotube Structures For Biomedical & Sensor Applications
  • (Main Supervisor)
  • Oct’15 – On-going
Moneer A Faraj (PEE16003): Fault Diagnosis in Electrical Power Transmission Lines Based on Transient Signal Processing
  • (Co-Supervisor)
  • Jun’13 – On-going
Characterization Of The Spectroscopic Data Of The Bilirubin By Analyzing The Absorption Cross Section And The Reflection Spectrum Of The Molecules


  • (Main Supervisor)
  • Apr'18 - On-going
Dr. N.Vigneswaran : Agrisoft - Farmer Digital Expert Assistant System Development for Agriculture and Aquaculture Industries