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Internal Grant

YEAR :  2017

Algorithm for non-invasive early rubeosis iridis (diabetes) detection by using image processing techniques for smartphone application (RDU1703233), Leader, 20/06/2017 - 19/06/2019

Development of Automatic Microscope for Sputum Quality Grading (RDU1703142), Member, 20/06/2017-19/06/2019

Handwash Screening Vision System (RDU1703130), Member, 20/06/2017-19/06/2019

Pattern Recognition Modelling for Muscle Fatigue during Islamic Prayer (Solat) using Surface Electromyography (sEMG) (RDU1703163), Member, 20/06/2017          -19/06/2019

Development of a stationary wavelet transform thermal-visible image fusion sensor for human detection and tracking (RDU1703220), Member, 30/06/2017-29/06/2019

YEAR :  2011

Developing Speech Processing for Makhraj Recognition in Al-Quran Recitation(RDU110367), Member, 01/09/2011, 31/03/2014

Automatic Intelligent Thermal Imaging System (AITIS) in Airport for Flue Detection(RDU110319), Member , 01/07/2011, 01/07/2013

Development of Colour Measuring Instrument for Canned Pineapple Using Image Processing Technique(RDU110322),  Leader  ,  01/07/2011, 01/07/2013

YEAR :  2009

Computer Vision Based Driver Assistance Systems-Development Of Drowsiness Detector(RDU090352),  Member  ,  01/05/2009,  30/04/2010

YEAR :  2008

Non Destructive Test of Pineapple Maturity Using Vision System(RDU080315), Leader , 01/08/2008, 31/07/2009

External Grant

YEAR :  2016
Formulation of An Automated Recognition Algor ithm for P.Knowlesi Malaria Species by Utilizing Features Fusion  Technique, Member (FRGS).


  1. Patent Application, A Method for Grading Fruits and the System Thereof, Patent Application No. PI 20093812, Date 14 September 2009