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Example of Gantt chart that includes spend manhours by each member.  Please include Gantt chat that shows yr grp activities and to kes of each member that spends 120 hrs, including reading, meeting, survey and etc.


IED PD Tips_2: Lets say we want to solve problem of our cleaner staff to mop "tahi burung" every day at many places in FKEE..
We can solve by eliminating the root cause of the problem which is preventing the birds from housing at that places. 
We also can solve 2nd or 3rd tier of the cause, for example, we want to develop auto cleaning unit with minimum cost (utilise what ever available equipment /tools). So we want to build a motorized platform that we can put a mop on it and the platform will move over the specific area. The motorized platform also has capability to self-charging after operation fro certain duration, by autonomously find the power plug point available on the wall ..
This kind of project has not enough element of applying 1st principle of engineering knowledge .. but more innovation using available technology. If we ask secondary school students, they are also capable to do that. 
To fulfill the element "applying 1st principle of engineering knowledge" the project should include some calculations for
pressure / speed of the mop to ensure it enable to clean the "tahi burung", instead of using self-charging, selection of battery, how many ohms, volts, watts needed and etc ...
Means that, the secondary student can't do that, only university student can do that because you are already learnt the 1st principle of engineering knowledge before ..
Thank you TDA PM Dr. Hamdan Daniyal for this knowledge ..

Friendly reminder: 1. Proposal defend will be held on 28 Feb 
and 1 Mar 2018
2. No briefing will session will be
conducted .. please refer to a video we 
posted earlier . 
Thank you .. good luck.


Disertakan senarai soalan (minimum) yang akan ditanya oleh panel semasa proposal defend nanti.
Semoga ianya boleh membantu pelajar membuat persediaan. 

Among questions that will be asked by panel

  1. Complex engineering problem to be solved
  2. The constraint for the problem (dashcam tanpa guna bateri kereta, 1kW inverter yang kecil dari tin air, ukur windspeed atas kenderaan bergerak, etc..)
  3. Fundamental knowledge need for the solution
  4. Proposed solution
  5. Challenges face
  6. Component
  7. Plan for project execution( task for each member)

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