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Mohd Shawal Jadin


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Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Universiti Malaysia Pahang,
26600, Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia

Phone: +609-424-6056
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Research interest: Renewable Energy, Image Processing, Infrared Thermography,

Condition Monitoring, Power Electronics


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Undergraduate Final Year Project

  1. Nik Mohamad Anis B Nik Haron (EF04009),  ‘Design of a microcontroller-based passive standby Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)’, Sem I Session 07/08

  2. Zaid B Shahrudin (EG04003) Intelligent Water Heater Sem I Session 07/08

  3. Muhamad Khairi B Che Yusoff (EA04009) Development of PC based home energy management system Sem I Session 07/08

  4. Othman B Md Saad (EF04005) Solar Energy Estimation Based on Real-Time Data Acquisition Sem I Session 07/08

  5. Mohd Shahruddin B Harun (EC04004) Design of Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) using PWM controller technique Sem I Session 07/08

  6. Mohamad Johan B Bakti (EE05007) Automated Solar Tracking System (ASTS) Sem II Session 08/09

  7. Lily Suraiya Bt Rameli (EC05022) Digital KWH meter Sem II Session 08/09

  8. Nuraini Ahmad Arif Shah (EA06074) Energy Management System (EMS) Sem II Session 08/09

  9. Nadiathul Raihana Ismail (EG05008) PV Module Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) Using Microcontroller  Sem I Session 08/09

  10. Noor Juwaina Ayuni Bt Mohd (EG05020) Photovoltaic Charge Controller Sem II Session 08/09

  11. Shakina Bt Abu Hassan (EC05063) Microcontroller Based Three-Level Zero-Voltage-Switching PWM DC-to-DC Converter Sem I Session 08/09

  12. Nurul Huda Ngasiman (EA06009) Solar Energy Monitoring System (SEMS) Sem II Session 08/09

  13. Marliyani Bt Omar (EG05027) Low Cost Solar Panel Tracker Sem II Session 08/09

  14. Mohd Azahar Izudin Bin Azaha (EC10026) Micro Stirling engine for small scale power generation Sem II Session 13/14

  15. Aminah Alina Binti Ibrihim @ ibrahim (EC10107) PPM inspection tool for improving power distribution reliability Sem II Session 13/14

  16. Nur Hidayah Binti Mahadi (EC10042) Development of grid connected PV system design tool :  ump building Sem II Session 13/14

  17. Nur Faiza Bt Mohd Yassin (EC10109) Micro-thermoelectric power  generator Sem II Session 13/14

  18. Nurul Ain Binti Md Yusof (EC10090) Advanced PV monitoring and control system Sem II Session 13/14

  19. Nur Hiza'izzati Mustaza (EC10044) Stirling engine power  monitoring system Sem II Session 13/14

  20. Nurul Ain Binti Mohd Yusoff (EC11140) Design of hybrid micro thermoelectric & Stirling engine for power generation Sem II Session 13/14

  21. Mohamad Azizi Bin Rashid (EC11144) Study and analysis of Thermo-electric Power generator run with circulating heat transfer liquid Sem II Session 14/15

  22. Norasita Bt Sapik (EC11042) Performance monitoring for Thermo-electric Power generator Sem II Session 14/15

  23. Intan Zalika Bt Mohd Nasiri Design and analysis of PV system for commercial building and domestic application Sem II Session 14/15

  24. Mohamad Azizi Bin Rashid (EC11144) Study and analysis of Thermo-electric Power generator run with circulating heat transfer liquid Sem II Session 14/15

  25. Mohammed Asraffuddin Bin Mohd Razi (EC11090) Feasibility Study On Low-Temperature Waste Heat Thermoelectric Generator For Domestic Utilization In Malaysia Sem II Session 14/15

  26. Nur Asyikin Bt Setapa Development of Hybrid Thermoelectric & PV Generation System Sem II Session 14/15

  27. Mohd Nazim Bin Rosslan (EC11137) A semi-automatic approach for thermographic inspection of electrical installations Sem I Session 15/16

  28. Mohammad Farhan Development of PV monitoring system Sem II Session
    Bin Zamri (EC13063) 15/16

  29. Mohd Arif Azhan Bin Mohamad (EC12030)  MPPT circuit for TE power generator Sem II Session 15/16

  30. Nur Hanifa Bin Mohd Zaidin @ Mohd Saidin (EC13005)  Feasibility study on utilizing PV system for mosques in Pahang (in collaboration with JAIP) Sem II Session 15/16

  31. Syahierah Eliya Binti Sabri (EC12013) Optimal GC-PV System Design Based On Iterative Method   Sem II Session 15/16

  32. Ng Boon Khai (EA13091) Hot spot detection for wall-mounted air-conditioner system Sem II Session 16/17

  33. Loh Joo Hiong (EA13108) Water Quality Monitoring System Sem II Session 16/17

  34. Tiruppathy A/L Arasappan (EC13051) DC-DC Converter Testing Platform Sem I Session 17/18


 Undergraduate Integrated Engineering Design Course

  1. Nor Anis Elina Bt Nasaruddin   (EA13104), Nor Syazieliah Binti Tipilil (EC12035), Patricia Ling Zia Lin (EA13093), ‘Productivity improvement of the current systems of Keropok Lekor production Sem II Session 15/16

  2. Wan Nur Huda Aqilah Alias (EC14010), Mohd Faisal Farhan Kamerul Bieza (EA14037), Muhammad Ikmal Misni (EA14018), Nurain Ashari (EA13027),  Smart Theft Information System For Mosque’ s Money Box Sem II Session 16/17



  1. Norainon Mohamed -  26 May 2009 – 26 July 2010 Modelling and switching simulation of gate turn-off Thyristor using finite element method - Sem 1 10/11 MAY 20102.

  2. Siti Nor Aisyah Bt. Burhanudin (MEE16004)- 6 April 2016

  3. Syahierah Eliya Binti Sabri (MEE16010) – 5 April 2017


Education Background |   Teaching Courses   |   Publication |   Research and Development |   Supervision