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Q: How to get a PSM title and a supervisor?
The list of the offered PSM titles will be released on the first day of the semester. Please discuss with the potential supervisor and finalise the title selection. Then apply the chosen title using the form provided on the Home page. The deadline of PSM title application is on Friday of Week 2.

Q: Can I propose my own project title?

Q: Can I or my Supervisor change the project title during the course?
No. But if modification is required to accommodate the project objectives, that could be allowed. However those changes should be kept minor.

Q: Me and my Supervisor do not get along very well. Can I change my current Supervisor?
Firstly, try not to be in this unhealthy situation. If you're in PSM1, you can just withdraw course for the current semester and then re-select your preferred supervisor in the next semester.
However if you're in PSM2, it's quite complicated. Course withdrawal is not the solution since PSM2 carries your previous work from PSM1.
Our suggestions are:

  • If you're the source of the problem between you and your Supervisor, change yourself.
  • If your Supervisor is the source of the problem, let your Academic Advisor and us know. We will investigate the matter and suggest the final solution.


Q: Where can I get electronics component?
At the Components Store (E11-F08C). Please fill out the components application form (search on the Download page). Then please contact the person-in-charge Mr. Azri at 012-9577916 / room no. E11-G01.

Q: Where can I get hardware materials like aluminium, PVC and plywoods?
At the Workshop (E30-F21A). Please contact the person-in-charge Mr. Ahmad Zainuddin at 0199776094 / room no. E30-G01.

Q: Where can I use measuring devices and instruments?
At the Design & Testing Lab (E11-F09A). In the case of insufficient numbers of equipment or unavailability, please refer to the person-in-charge Mr. Rezal Ariffin at 0139418042 / room no. E11-G03.

Q: I want to utilize a particular laboratory. Which person should I refer to?
Each laboratory has person-in-charge. Please refer to the Facilities page.


Q: How many times and when I need to submit the thesis?
Basically three times. The first draft must be submitted to Supervisor in Week 10. The final draft must be submitted to Supervisor and Second Evaluator in Week 14. Finally, the complete e-thesis must be submitted after all corrections have been made and verified by PSM Committee no later than Week 16. Please refer to the PSM Calendar for specific deadlines.

Q: What are the procedures of thesis submission?
Please refer to the Thesis Submission Procedure in this website.

Q: How to get the Turnitin similarity report?
Please refer to your Supervisor. He/she is responsible to create the Turnitin account.

Q: What are the conditions (regulations) for claiming?

  • The purchased item is not available at PSM components store (E11-xxx).
  • The purchased item must has a receipt.
  • The claim of an item with receipt dated in year YYYY must be submitted by 15th December YYYY.
  • The maximum total amount that can be received from the claim is RM 500.00 for project materials and RM 15.00 for EXSELEN poster.

Q: What kind of purchased items that can be claimed?
There are four types of items/materials that are claimable, namely

  1. Electronics components
  2. Workshop materials such as metals, woods, PVC, etc
  3. PCB services and items related with PCB
  4. EXSELEN poster

In general, only materials related to project development are claimable (except EXSELEN poster). Others such as stationaries, books, files and papers are not claimable.

Q: What are the procedures for claiming?

  1. Download and print out both BORANG TUNTUTAN PEMBELIAN BAHANKOMPONEN PSM.doc and BORANG_TUNTUTAN_BAYARAN_STAF_BAGI_PROGRAM_atau_AKTIVITI_YANG_TELAH_DIJALANKAN.doc forms. Both forms must be completed, signed and stamped by Supervisor and one of the corresponding Officers* (refer to Notes in the following).
  2. Attach the receipts of purchase (paste them on an A4 paper if the sizes of the receipts are small to provide some space for stamping & signature) with those forms. The receipts must be signed and stamped by the corresponding Officers*.
  3. Receipt or statement that has been issued by bank (if any) must be signed and stamped by Supervisor.
  4. The completed form must be submitted to FKEE Bursary representative (wakil Bendahari) at FKEE Office, level 2, Block 0 before the deadline.

Notes: The corresponding Officers* are

  1. Mr Azri Idris, if the purchased items are electronics components
  2. Mr Ahmad Zainuddin, if the purchased items are hardware materials such as screw, metal, acrylic, plywood, etc.
  3. Mr Mohd Salmizan, for PCB related service
  4. Your Supervisor, for EXSELEN poster

Q: When I can claim my purchased items?
Anytime after the purchase. However, the claim of an item with receipt dated in year YYYY must be submitted by 15th December YYYY.

Q: How and when the claimed money will be paid to me?
The money will not be paid to you directly. It will be transferred into your supervisor’s bank account. It is his/her responsibility to handover the claimed money to you. The duration of claiming process is subjected to the procedural of Jabatan Bendahari UMP.