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  • Motorola Industrial Talk.
    Talk by: FKEE Adjunct Professor Dr. Hari Narayanan (Managing Director of Motorola Solutions Penang
    Time: 10:30 am – 4:30 pm
    Date: May 12th, 2016
    Place: Bilik Mesyuarat Senat - UMP and Dewan Kuliah 1, FKP UMP Pekan.
  • Majlis Perhargaan & Dialog Bersama Pelajar FKEE
    Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
    Date: May 4th, 2016
    Place: Bilik Sumber, FKEE UMP
  • Talk
    Agenda: by Dr Izzeldin
    Time: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
    Date: April 11th, 2016
    Place: Bilik Mensyuarat Ibnu Sina, FKEE UMP
  • May 12th, 2015
  • May 4th, 2016
  • April 11th, 2016

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Professor Fabrice Meriaudeau visit to FKEE

newOn 23rd of October, Professor Fabrice Meriaudeau from University of Burgundy, Dijon, France has visited Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (FKEE). read more


inecce 2015

Joint International Conference On Electrical, Control And Computer Engineering (InECCE 2015)

newFKEE has organized the Joint International Conference on Electrical, Control and Computer Engineering (InECCE2015) from October 27 to 28 in Bukit Gambang Resort City, Kuantan Pahang.  read more


Pertandingan roboact


newNATIONAL UNIVERSITY ROBOTIC COMPETITION is an annual competition organised by World Robotic Olympiad (WRO). Through its partnership with Sasbadi Leraning Solution Sdn. Bhd., the 2015 qualifying competition for the university category was held in Kolej Damansara Utama, Selangor, on the 17th October 2015.  read more


New student 20152016

FKEE 15/16 New Students

newIt is our pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the staff in the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, read more

1 Innovate Malaysia 2016

1-Innovate Malaysia 2016 

newInnovate Malaysia had announced their 2016 Innovate Malaysia Challenge. There are altogether 9 tracks,  read more

MoU 2015

MoU Double PhD Programme 

newFaculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, UMP has just launched a double PhD programme, a collaboration between the university and University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS). read more

Academic Consultation

Academic Excellence Day

newHari Kecemerlangan Akademik (Academic Excellence Day) was held on 7th September 2015. Read more

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