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Poster Specification & Instruction
Please refer to the following instruction with regard to the EXSELEN poster:
Size – (W) 2 ft x (H) 5 ft
Orientation – Portrait.
EXSELEN logo – Go to Download page (image format PSD, RAW, JPEG & BMP – please select one the best image format for you)
Official UMP logo (logo and text) – can be downloaded at
Please print the poster with ‘PIPE’ (see figure below)
Students must print their own posters.
Please ask a receipt upon the poster payment for the purpose of claim (RM15/student).
You must set-up your poster and project items (hardware prototype/computer/etc.) before 9.00 am on 11 May 2017.
Please get the poster stand from 7.45 am to 8.45 am on 11 May 2017 at E12-G05. The persons-in-charge (Mr Salmizan & Mr Rezal) will be there to assist you. You can return the poster stand from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm on the same date at the same location.

Presentation rules and guidelines
Please distribute the Abstract form [FKEE/PSM/2(A)] and the latest Seminar PSM2 Evaluation form [FKEE/PSM/2(B)] to each evaluation panel and to PSM coordinator (for guest panel from IEEE) by Tuesday 9 May 2017. The Abstract form must be approved and stamped by your supervisor before distributed to the evaluation panel members. You are considered not qualify to attend the seminar without the approval from your supervisor.
Please ensure all evaluation panel members place their signatures on the Evaluation Panels Attendance form after they completed the evaluations of your project. Then submit this form to PSM coordinator.
Please use the project code accordingly as the reference in all related forms.
Any registered student that does not attend this presentation session or does not provide a printed poster is considered to be fail in his/her Final Year Project 2 (PSM2) BEE4724 course.
Please go to Download page to get all related forms.