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Associate Professor,
Sustainable Energy & Power Electronics Research (SuPER) Cluster

Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektrik & Elektronik

Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Tel: 09-4246140

Fax: 09-4246111

email: herwan[at], mherwan[at]

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Total grant worth more than RM 1.5 million (2007-2017)

On-going Projects

1.Study of Nature Inspired Computing (NIC) Technique for Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Problems (Head Researcher)- UMP Grant (2015-2017)

2. Extended Kalman Filter (EKF)-based Modular-Stack Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (V-RFB) prediction model development for reducing electrode contact resistance and parallelization current (Co-Researcher) -FRGS (2015-2018)

3. Optimization of Least Squares Support Vector Machines based on Grey Wolf Optimizer for Time Series Predictive Analysis (Co-Researcher)- RAGS (2015-2017)

4. Real Time Prediction for Sungai Isap Residence using Artificial Intelligence Techniques (Co-Researcher) -UMP Grant (2014-2016)

5. Computational Intelligence Techniques for Gold Price Forecasting (Co-Researcher) -UMP Grant (2014-2016)

6. Flood Mitigation Mechanisms in Minimizing Flood Calamities- Flood Hazard Map (FHM) and Early Flood Warning - UMP Flagship (2015-2017)

7. A New Mutation Mechanism of Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization Problem (Co-Researcher) - FRGS (2014-2016)

8. Armature Current Decay Sensing Technique; A New Motor Starting Technique for Fast Startup with Low Current (Co-Researcher) - FRGS (2013-2016)

9. Design and Development of Prototype Proof of 5 KW Modular Vanadium Redox Flow Battery For Various Applications (Co-Researcher) - PRGS (2013-2016)

Completed Projects

1. A New Formulation of Cost Function for Economic Emission Load Dispatch (EELD) Problem with Considering Electricity Supply Industry in Malaysia (Head Researcher)- FRGS

2. Study of Swarm Intelligence Techniques for Optimal Chiller Loading in UMP (Head Researcher)- UMP Grant

3. High Performance Battery Charger System for Free-Energy Permanent Magnet Generator (FePMG) (Co-Researcher)- MTUN Grant

4. Development and Characterization of A Vanadium Redox Flow Battery as Energy Storage of Distributed Generation for UMP Building (Co-Researcher)- UMP Grant

5. Smart Grid Modeling (Co-Researcher)- MTUN Grant

6. New Design of High Efficiency LED Lighting System (Co-Researcher)- RACE

7. Study on Economic Dispatch Problem in Power System -Seed Money (Head Researcher)

8. Fundamental Study of Soft Computing Techniques for Economic Dispatch Problem in Power System (Head Researcher)- UMP Grant

9. Investigation the Viability of Grid Connection Concentration (CPV) Technology for Terrestrial Power Generation in Universiti Malaysia Pahang Pekan Campus (Head Researcher-caretaker)- UMP Grant

10. Study on the Impact of Distributed Generation on Distribution System Using Multi Objective Optimization (Co-Researcher)- FRGS

11. Study of Stochastic optimization Techniques to Economic Dispatch Problems of a Power System (Co-Researcher)- FRGS

12. A Comparative Study on Optimal Dispatch Problem for Power Generation (Co-Researcher)- FRGS

13. Study of Optimization Techniques to Optimize Losses by Distributed Generation in Distribution Networks (Co-Researcher)- FRGS

14. Contingency Analysis Study of Embedded Generation (EG) in the Distribution Network (Head Researcher-caretaker)- FRGS

15. Study of Power Flow and Loss Allocation in Open Access Network (Head Researcher)- FRGS

16. Voltage Stability Study of Embedded Generation (EG) in the Distribution Network (Co-Researcher)- FRGS

17. Investigation of Harmonics and Sag in Distribution Systems (Co-Researcher)- FRGS