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The installation of photovoltaic power plants and integration with electric grid has become more widespread. As there is a significant increase in the size and capacity of grid-connected power plants, the stability and reliability of the grid become more important. A 1.5 MW PV station connected to the distribution side of the Malaysian grid via a voltage source inverter is modeled and simulated using Matlab/Simulink. This study presents the modeling of PV module behavior and characteristics based on the mathematical model equivalent circuit. The Simulink was run to simulate PV array sizing depending on perturb and observed maximum power point technique to enhance the efficiency of modules, and obtain maximum available power using variable perturbation step size dependent on power changes. The simulation result was matched to the results of sizing calculation. The inverter control system modeling and park transformation were carried out. Phase locked loop was used to track the grid frequency and voltage. The Malaysian grid-connected PV system is designed and modeled according to the regulations and guidelines of Tenaga Nasional Berhad concerning grid-integration of PV power generation system to LV and MV networks. Finally, this paper analyzes the dynamic response of the proposed PV plant under various types of symmetrical and non-symmetrical grid faults. The results indicated that the short circuit faults in the distribution grid side had disturbing effects on the optimal operation performance of PV systems. Whereas, the influence of grid faults depends on the fault type. In addition to that, the simulation result proved that the symmetrical fault has higher impact on PV system operation than non-symmetrical faults.

Pensyarah FKEE UMP Kongsi Kepakaran Dalam Pengaturcaraan dan Pembinaan Lego Mindstrom

Pekan 23 Februari - Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektrik dan Elektronik (FKEE) Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) dengan kerjasama Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah Pekan (PPD) menganjurkan Bengkel Traning of Trainers (TOT), Pekan baru-baru ini.

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Innovate 2017 - the STEM EcoSystem

UMP Pekan 14 July - As the Pahang State Level host for this year’s championship, we welcome you to the 2017 Young Innovate Malaysia Competition. YI 2017 provides a highly competitive platform for academicians, teachers, industries and most importantly the future generation - our school children.

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On 17th May 2017, 20 of the faculty staffs were involved in “Santai Sains Bersama FKEE”: a STEM outreach program at Sek. Keb. Sri Maulana in Pekan, Pahang. This is.

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Program GTEX ENHANCING GRADUATE SKILLS TOWARDS EMPLOYABILITY ini merupakan program persedian kepada pelajar universiti tahun akhir yang bakal melalui alam pekerjaan.

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