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Muhammad Ikram Mohd Rashid

IEEE & IEM Member

Expertise: Power Electronics, Electric Vehicle, power electronics, energy conversions, semiconductor devices and renewable energy.

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Sustainable Energy & Power Electronics Research Group,
Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Universiti Malaysia Pahang,
26600, Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia

Phone: +609-424-6063
Fax:   +609-424-6111
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  • Current and Frequency Control of Induction Generator : Simulation Using MATLAB
  • Design and Simulation of Matrix Converter For Induction Motor Application
  • Back To Back Converter Control Technique Using MATLAB
  • Design And Simulation of Dynamic Volatage Restorer (DVR)
  • Passive Filter of AC/DC/AC Converter
  • Low Power Led Driver
  • High Power Led Driver
  • Current Mode Control For Boost Converter
  • Experimental And Simulation Study For PV-Wind Hybrid Grid Connected System
  • Current Mode Control For Buck-Boost Converter
  • Power Quality Study For Wind Turbine Grid Connected
  • Power Quality Study For PV Grid Connected
  • Voltage Mode Control For Buck Converter
  • Design and development AC to DC Converter LED Driver for Lightings
  • Design and development A High-Efficiency Dimmable LED Driver for Low-Power Lighting Applications
  • Design of Closed-loop Buck-boost Converter for LED Driver Circuit
  • Development of Single LED Display 3 Colors for Brake, Signal and Back Light Car
  • Design, Development and Performance Test of an Automatic Two-Axis Solar Tracker System
  • Design and development of Micro-hydro Charge Controller
  • Low Power LED Driver