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Dr. Norizam Sulaiman MIEM, MIET

Expertise: Biomedical Signal Processing (EEG), Signal & Image Processing, Electronics Communication System, Microelectronics application

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Senior Lecturer,
Advanced Signal Processing Research Group,
Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Universiti Malaysia Pahang,
26600, Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia

Phone: +609-424-6085 / 012-4596552
Fax:   +609-424-6111
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My Undergraduate Final Year Projects

  • Final Year Project (Bachelor & Diploma) - 2005-217 - 25 students
  • Topics;


1. Simulation of RADAR System design using MATLAB SIMULINK.
2. Study and Design a Basic part of the Digital Storage Oscilloscope Based on the existed Oscilloscope System (PC-Based Oscilloscope)

3. Design a Digital Display panel for Motorized Battery Operated Vehicle.

4. Design a DAC part of Voice Recognition System for Security System.

5. Design a ADC part for Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Measurement System.

6.Design a simple model of RADAR systems by using DSPs and Lab VIEW.

7. Design a Multiple RFID Door Access System.

8. Design a simple SONAR system to detect and view object underwater.

9. Design a Fingerprint recognition system using MATLAB.

10. Design an Automatic Vehicle Plate Detection System.

11. Design a Fatigue Indicator using EEG.

12. Design a Emotion Recognizer based on EEG.

13. Design a Biometrics Authentication System using EEG.

14. Design a Solar powered mobile phone.

15. Design a Child detection system for unattended vehicle.

16. Design a Stand-alone Vehicle Plate Recognizer.

17. Study an effect of watching movies or video clips on human brain.

18. Study on the interpretation of Human Thought using EEG Signals and labVIEW.

19. Design a multipurpose vehicle remote control.

20. Design a prototype of vehicle recognition system in Universiti Malaysia Pahang.

21. Design and evaluate a performance of solar-powered mobile phone.

22. Development of Smart Security System for Building or Laboratory Entrance using Brain and Voice Signatures.

23. Development of Smart House Control System using Arduino and LabVIEW Arduino Interface (LIFA).

24. ATM Machine Security System.

25. Child Detection Kit in Unattended Vehicle.