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On August 22nd, 2017 UMP STEM Lab Team were invited to attend Impact Lab Session organized by Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDeC). This 2-day event gathers a wide spectrum of the STEM community - teacher (primary and secondary schools), lecturers (#makerHubers), private institutions as well as government sectors which operate STEM centers.


Among topics discussed were:-
- the success story of Rero Robotics, Chumbaka, Petrosains and Penang Science Cluster Science Cafe in promoting robotics and programming to the children
- 'computational thinking' training for teachers and students
- the gap between government and private institutions in offering programming and coding classes
- identifying the 'standard' rubric in evaluating the impact of the classes being offered
- the proposal of introducing digital badges to the maker hubers
- the challenges faced upon getting the participation from the public to the classes

We, the UMP STEM Lab team, are glad to be part of MDeC #makerHub initiative. Not only we have learned numerous techniques throughout this 2-day event, we were also introduced to many key 'players' in this #makerHub initiatives.

We will be launching our UMP #makerHub activities this coming September, InsyaAllah. Stay tuned!

Nurul Hazlina Noordin
August 23rd, 2017