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2017 First Year Seminar - Siri 1 'My Faculty'


FKEE welcomes 195 first year students (142 BEE BEP & 53 DEE) through its First Year Seminar - Series 1 Program. 

This event is divided into three segments:-

Aspirasi FKEE - in this session, PM Dr. Razali Daud, En. Riduwan Ghazali, Dr. Mohamad Ikhwan, Dr. Bakri Hassan and Ir. Dr. Zahim shared their experience as lecturers of FKEE and addressed questions regarding the E&E engineering academic program as well as campus life.


My Senior Buddy - Year 3 (Laylatun, Yan Yin, Nazrin) and Year 4 (Aufa Hadi, Althea Chen, Gan, Wee Kii) students were called in to enliven this session. The seniors pointed out the 'do & don't' tips as a uni students. Besides that, the Year 4 students, who had just completed their internships, shared their 10 weeks experience being attached to multinational companies and presented the challenges they faced upon completing the engineering projects that were assigned. The session ended with the 'buddy' listing out the advice they wish they had known in their first year.


EEES - In this final session, Mohamad Ihwan, the President of EEES club, presented the activities that are being offered through out the semester. The topics of credit exemption were also discussed.


Siri 2 FKEE FYS will take place next week, September 13th, 2017. It will be a fun bonding time between the first year students and their academic advisor, where they will be required to hunt for treasures in the faculty!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the FYS secretariat - Yann, Sue, Eyta & Dr. Ikhwan on their commitment throughout this event.

Nurul Hazlina Noordin
September 10th, 2017