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National Instruments Boot-camp 1

Today, FKEE organized a 3-day (October 19th-21st) workshop for 19 year-2 students who are participating in the National Instruments' Bootcamp 1 - Introduction to Labview. Lead by Dr. Afif and Dr. Shaiful, the boot camp covered Labview Core 1 modules, which consists of Navigation, Troubleshooting, Debugging and VI implementations. Also included were topics on the development of modular applications and state machine implementation in Labview.

Moving forward, these students will continue to Bootcamp 2, where they will be exposed to National Instruments MyRio, an advanced platform for embedded system development.
Bootcamp 2 is expected to take place during mid-semester break in February 2018.

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IMG 20171020 WA0016

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms.Azian Wahab and Ms. Sumayyah Mustaffa from National Instruments Malaysia for their dedication to support the Industry-Academia Collaboration (IAC). Also, to all the participating students, thank you and keep exploring this technology. Let us know if you need any other support or information regarding this program.

Finally, to all fellow lecturers under this initiative - Dr. Afif, Dr. Shaiful, Dr. Fuzah, Dr. Rosdiyana, Dr. Syakirin, Dr. Mawardi, Dr. Norizam and PM Dr. Razali, thank you very much for your commitment towards this initiative.

See you in Bootcamp 2, InsyaAllah.

Nurul Hazlina Noordin
October 21st, 2017