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Responsible for carrying out teaching and research duties. Involved in the administration of degree and postgraduate courses as well as responsible for organizing lectures and final year projects quality improvement and tutorials.

  • Course coordinator for each semester
  • Prepare materials and lessons involving curriculum improvement workshop
  • Provide relevant assignments for students that demonstrate learning outcomes in a real industries
  • Responsible for the departmental administrative tasks.
  • Involved in the setup of exams and the marking of student assessment (laboratory, quizzes, tests, projects) .
  • Complete grade books learning assessments and final exam assessments on a timely basis
  • Promote Elective Course for Second Year Student with aids of some materials

List of Teaching Courses

Lecture/Teaching basis:

  • BEE3323: Industrial Automation
  • BEE3213: Industrial Control Technology
  • BEE4323: Embedded Control Technology
  • BEE3323: Industrial Instrumentation
  • BEE4343: Process Control
  • BEE1313: Instrumentation and Measurements
  • BEE2113: Signals and Systems
  • BEE3313: Principles of Control Systems

Project basis:

  • BEE4712: Engineering Project I
  • BEE4724: Engineering Project II
  • BEE3333: Integrated Engineering Project

Lecture/Teaching basis:

  • DEE3313: Principle of Control Systems
  • DEE2931: Basic Programmable Logic Controller

Project basis:

  • DEE3712: Final Project for Diploma