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Master of Electrical Engineering (Sustainable Energy)


Entry Requirement


Programme Structure


Fees Structure


How To Apply

Applicants may apply through UMP postgraduate website, using the online application form available on the website. Upon filling-up the application form, applicants must forward copies of the relevant documents e.g; academic records and transcripts through electronically. All applicants should be accompanied with the processing fees of RM50 for Malaysian OR USD 30 for international applicants. The relevant documents and processing fees are compulsory for the administration process.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO):

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO PEO Statement
PEO1 Graduate professionally being recognised based on their technical expertise and accomplishment to engineering practise.
PEO2 Graduates continue to acquire advanced knowledge for professional development in pursuing of life-long learning.
PEO3 Graduates display commitment to the community and the professions, holding position that contributes to the benefits of the society.
PEO4 Graduates continue to evaluate problem critically, generate solution and publication adhere to legal, ethical and professional codes of practice.

Programme Outcome (PO)

Programme Outcome (PO)

PO PO Statement
PO1 Demonstrate mastery of advanced knowledge in the electrical engineering field and have the capabilities to further develop or use these in new situations or multi-disciplinary contexts.
PO2 Analyze and evaluate problems in the electrical engineering field critically and to provide solutions through the application of appropriate tools and techniques.
PO3 Relate ideas  and research evidence to societal issues in the electrical engineering field.
PO4 Demonstrate ethical qualities in communication and conduct according to professional codes of practice
PO5 Disseminate theory and findings in respective fields of Electrical Engineering
PO6 Manage knowledge for lifelong learning and continuing professional development.

Career and Further Study Opportunities

Our postgraduates generally progress to exciting roles in design, research and development with multinational companies or government agencies, obtain consultancy posts with consultant companies or move into academic careers

Job options
  • Sustainable energy-related consultant
  • Academic post
  • Design engineer
  • Energy manager
  • Energy auditor
  • Research engineer
  • Senior electrical engineer
List of companies related to sustainable energy area (Click to download).
Further study options