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GTEX Enhancing Graduate Skills Towards Employability

The GTEX ENHANCING GRADUATE SKILLS TOWARDS EMPLOYABILITY program prepares final year students who would be embarking on their career.

This program has 3 phases of implementation, namely:

  1. Transition Phase – using the VEEP method
  2. Development Phase – using the AADV2CATM framework method
  3. Placement Phase – Work placement for students completing the program through the following methods:
    1. GTEX would find suitable jobs through the network of companies connected to GTEX
    2. GTEX would identify companies advertising their vacancies and encourage students to directly apply to these companies.
    3. GTEX would continuously guide participants in the placement process with potential employers.

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Program objectives:

  • Assist students in enhancing their self-confidence to enter employment.
  • Expose students to the main skills required by employers.
  • Assist students in thinking critically to overcome various challenges they would be facing during job search.


This program has been able to create awareness on the importance of graduate mental and physical readiness in embarking on their career. A total 73 applications were received. The total number of participants who attended this program was 67 students. After completing Phase 1 and Phase 2, instructors would act as mentors in guiding these students until they receive job offers.

Because of the benefits gained from this program, it should be extended to other public universities to increase students’ self-esteem upon entering employment. Additionally, this program has indirectly helped to increase the economic capacity of graduates by getting employed as soon as possible.

Prepared by: Ir. Dr. Fahmi Bin Samsuri