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Extra Low Frequency (ELF) measurement in UMP Pekan by Prof Yasuhide Hobara (UEC Tokyo)

Professor Yasuhide Hobara, a prominent researcher in ELF detection and atmospheric physic visited FKEE UMP in order to find a suitable location for ELF signal detection. The signal may originate as far as ~1000km radius from the detection location. He found that the control room of Taman Lestari near the entrance gate of UMP Pekan is suitable for ELF signal detection. Prior to this, he evaluated other location such as UTM Skudai and UPM Serdang. However, those location has high noise activity originated from National Grid and the Electric Commuter system. The remote location of FKEE UMP Pekan is far from those noises, thus suitable for ELF observation.

He installed the detection system with his student on day 1 of his visit. In day 2, Prof Yasuhide carried out a knowledge-sharing session on the ELF detection and also its relationship with lightning activities around the world and also about Transient Luminous Events (TLEs); a lightning event above thunder cloud that may reach up to 100km altitude.

His sharing has enriched research on TLEs lead by Dr. Amir Izzani and his student Chan Hwee Geem on his quest to obtain the first image of TLEs in Malaysia. His talk also gains interest from other researchers, Dr. Mawardi Saari as the antenna Prof Yasuhide bring here is a magnetic-based system. The talk ended after 1 hour. After that Prof Yasuhide and his student wrap up his system and ready to get to another location which is UNIMAP Perlis. During his 2-days visit here, credit goes to Mr. Wan Ismail Ibrahim who was in charge for his transport and contact with other researcher groups from UPM and UNIMAP.