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FKEE UMP STEM Outreach Program di SMK Seri Jengka

On 24th May 2017, a team from FKEE was invited by SMK Seri Jengka, Maran to share knowledge with students and teachers in a program known as the FKEE UMP STEM Outreach Program. The program was attended by 64 Form 4 students in conjunction with the school’s activity week. Teachers involved directly in the program were Mr. Shamsul Nizam, Madam Robiah and Mr. Mohd Khir.

The program started with a brief sharing session entitled, “Future Directions after SPM” by Head of Program, Dr. Md Rizal Othman. This was followed by the main agenda, namely, “Introduction to Arduino” Workshop which was conducted by Mr. Mohd Riduwan Ghazali with the help of facilitators. Then, Dr. Saifudin Razali presented the robot demonstration.

The closing ceremony was held at the school’s studio hall. In his closing speech, Dr. Rizal promoted the Young Innovate competition to the school and invited students and teachers to visit UMP to participate in the event to gain experience. The Principal of SMK Seri Jengka, Mr Hj. Yahya in his speech expressed his gratitude to the FKEE UMP delegation to SMK Seri Jengka.

The FKEE team consisted of:

  1. Dr. Md Rizal Othman
  2. Mr. Mohd Riduwan Ghazali
  3. Mr. Amran Abdul Hadi
  4. Madam Norazian Subari
  5. Madam Suliana Ab Ghani
  6. Dr. Saifudin Razali
  7. Dr. Raja Mohd Taufika Raja Ismail
  8. Dr. Nurul Hazlina Noordin
  9. Mr. Azri Idris