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Innovate 2017 - the STEM EcoSystem

As the Pahang State Level host for this year’s championship, we welcome you to the 2017 Young Innovate Malaysia Competition. YI 2017 provides a highly competitive platform for academicians, teachers, industries and most importantly the future generation - our school children. 

Young Innovate gathers the involvement of the community, industry and academia in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) education, especially in electrical and electronics engineering. The competition enables university students to mentor and share their experience utilising the latest technology such as the opensource Arduino in completing their electronics projects. Although this is only its second year, it has already witnessed significant growth. There are altogether 162 school children from 18 schools in Pahang will be competing today.

Today, STEM is a ‘household’ word, because our ecosystem relies on it - there are buildings, bridges, telephone, computers, vehicles and many more. Interestingly, in every corner there are things that are connected to STEM. STEM skills are critical to innovation and in creating a competitive edge in knowledge-intensive economies, as such being loud by our Malaysian Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC). Demand for STEM skills is anticipated to increase in the short and medium term. Whilst the numbers of STEM students and graduates are both increasing, some employers report that they are not ‘job ready’ and do not possess the ‘right’ skills, especially soft skills. These ‘employability skills’ include: teamworking, communication and time management/organisational skills, as well as presentation skills. The successful development of these skills requires an education ‘eco-system’ capable of preparing students through more active and problem-based learning approaches, using assignments from the ‘real world’ and including support for risk taking and creativity.


Looking forward, we need to be proactive in assuring the success of our future generation in Malaysia – Pahang to be exactly. Greater advances are necessary in theearly nurturing and attainment of STEM skills in schools, enhancing the wrap-around skills needed for the effective application of STEM skills in a multi-disciplinary, creative and collaborative work environment and informing students about the realities of a rewarding career in STEM related occupations.

As much as we enjoy our daily routine as engineering lecturers, we are also keen to be part of the STEM community, especially in the area of engineering education. We look forward to the success of the STEM ‘eco-system’ in Malaysian education system, especially in Pahang. With the support of our industry partners – Motorola Solutions and MDeC, we have aligned a number of future programs with the schools in the near future.

The competition represents the efforts of many people. We want to express our gratitude to the members of the Design Competition secretariat - Chumbaka, Sime Darby and MDeC for their support in making this competetion a success. We would also like to thanks the Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Pahang, Pejabat Pendidikan Negeri Pekan, teachers, parents and mentors for sharing their insights with us. We thank all the students for their contribution and their participation in this Competition.

We hope that this program will further stimulate student interest in exploring the electrical and electronics technology with with better techniques, algorithms, and tools for deployment. We feel honored and privileged to serve the participants of Young Innovate Malaysia to you through this exciting 2017 championship.

Also, FKEE have been announced as one of MDeC #myDigitalMaker Hub, a multipurpose resource room that enables digital making. It is also a center for networks of educators, students and industry experts to converge. We have lined up 'digital' oriented activities such as Electronic System Behavioral Programming, Electronics System for Kids and Web Design classes, which will soon be offered to the community nearby.

To the Dean (Prof Ir Dr Kamarul Hawari), DD Academic (Assoc. Prof Hamdan Daniyal), Program Chairs (Dr. Md Rizal Othman, Dr Bakri Hassan, Dr Saifudin), Mentors (Assoc. Prof Hamzah Ahmad, Assoc. Prof Ir Fahmi & Assoc. Prof Razali Daud), honourable Young Innovate 2017 judges, fellow FKEE colleagues who had visited and supported the YI2017 in any possible way AND most importantly the mighty YI2017 secretariats (Yann, Sue, Liza, Helmi, Pudin, Ikhwan, Riduwan), Thank you so much.

To all the teachers and students who had participated in this competition, thank you so much (if there is a bigger word than this I would definitely use it☺ ) for your participation and commitment in 2017 YI competition. Your dedication and motivation towards enhancing students’ skills is truly an inspiration. YI2017 is definitely not the ending. We will definitely look forward to bring in more events/competition in future, InsyaAllah.

Nurul Hazlina Noordin
July 14th, 2017