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Series 2 Visit: Strengthening Two-way Relationship between FKEE and Helen High School

On 17th July 2017, a delegation from Helen High School Ningxia, China paid a visit to FKEE. This was the second of their series of visits to FKEE. The delegates were Mr Yao Jin (Deputy Principal), Mr Wang Jianmin (Office Director), Ms Yue Shuping (Director of Teaching Affairs), Mr Zhang Guoqiang (Deputy Director of Teaching Affairs &Director of Senior High Year 3 Section), Mr Sun Yunmin (Director of Teaching Affairs of Junior High Section) and Ms Ma Xuefeng (Director of Teaching Department of Junior High Section).

The delegation from Helen High School was met by FKEE members of staff led by Senior Vocational Training Officer, Madam Nazriyah Hj Che Zan @ Che Zain who was assisted by Senior Lecturer, Dr Hj Mohd Shafie Bakar and Assistant Vocational Training Officer, Madam Maznida Mohamad. The delegates visited the faculty and attended a briefing which was facilitated by Mandarin translation with the help of Ms Yong Ying Mei, a senior Mandarin language teacher at the Centre for Modern Languages & Human Sciences (CMLHS) and the Director of the Mandarin Language & Culture Centre (MLCC) of UMP. Among the laboratories (labs) visited were:

1) Instrumentation Lab
2) Metrology Lab
3) Basic PLC Lab
4) Advanced PLC Lab
5) Robotic Lab


The delegates were also given the opportunity to visit the Rabbit Mini Farm, a project conducted under the supervision of Mr. Hj Razali Muda. FKEE would like to express gratitude involved in ensuring the success of this visit. The program ended with a photography session of the delegates and FKEE members of staff at the main foyer of the FKEE building. It is hoped that this visit would give a positive impact and maintain the good two-way communication relationship between the two parties.

Prepared by:Dr Mohd Shafie Bakar.