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A storytelling session between FKEE team and pre-School children in SK Seri Biram & SK Pulau Serai, with the theme of the Hungry Caterpillar.

Today, reading is an important ‘must-have’ skills in our children. This is because, through reading children are able to engage with books, knowledge and the world. One of the most widely used technique to attract young children into reading is by read-aloud activity.

Through this activity, listeners develop, a strong relationship with the reader, academic excellence, basic speech skills, communication skills, mastery of language, enhanced concentration, and more logical thinking skills.

In a typical storytelling scenario, a reader usually knows a read-aloud experience has been effective because they see the children maintain their interest in the story, relate different aspects of the story to their own experiences, describe the illustrations, and ask questions about the characters and plot. However, listening to a story read aloud can be a very different experience for children who speak a language other than English.


Today, several strategies were applied to improve the quality of teaching practices in a pilot session with SK Seri Biram pre-school children to support the dual language learners. Among the strategies are:-

  • Choose a limited set of core words (three to five) and a repetitive phrase that are essential to understanding the story.
  • Use the children’s home language to facilitate story comprehension and English vocabulary acquisition.
  • Read the story several times during the week.
  • Incorporate culturally relevant thematic units and books
  • Be aware that dual language learners participate in storybook reading in different ways, depending on their phase of second language acquisition.
  • Encourage children to retell and/ or to dramatize the story once they have heard it several times.
  • Expand the ideas in the book to other classroom centers.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank SK Seri Biram, especially Cikgu Zuraida and her team for organizing this event. Also, thank you so much to the Reading Makchixx; Wahida, Ijan, Noi, Min, Ros, Sue and k.Yati - for your enthusiasm and commitment in preparing the materials.


SK Pulau Serai (August 24th, 2017)

Nurul Hazlina Noordin

August 25th, 2017