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Industrial Academia Collaboration - National Instruments


A 2-day meeting with National Instruments Team lead by Puan Azian Wahab and Puan Sumayyah Mustaffa. Among topics discussed were:-

1- NI MyRio-UMP curriculum under National Instruments IAC initiatives
2 - NI Interns' presentation on their embedded systems project using MyRio platforms
3 - MyRio 6-hours crash course (together with PSDC team)
4 - NI-UMP 2017/2018 strategic planning (industry-funded final year projects, capstone projects under industry supervision, Labview training to UMP young undergraduate students and NI academic licenses).

Industries' involvement in academia is something that FKEE always looked for, as we strongly believe that it would have a huge impact on students experience in the university. This involvement always echoed by the advanced technology/platform, which in this case would be the NI MyRio.
Our plan is to introduce the Labview Software and MyRio platform to the students as early as in their 3rd semester.

This program is divided into 3 boot camps, which will be done during the semester break:-

  1. Boot camp 1 - introduction to Labview level 1 (midterm break October 2017)
  2. Boot camp 2 - introduction to NI Myrio (midterm break February 2018)
  3. Boot camp 3 - 'my first MyRio project' (early semester break June 2018).

15 students (year 2 students) will be recruited and mentored by a team of FKEE lecturers; Dr. Rizal, PM Dr. Razali, Dr. Shaiful, Dr. Afif, Dr. Mawardi, Dr. Syakirin, Dr. Diyana, Dr. Fuzah, Dr. Fadhil and Dr. Nurul. Students recruitments and briefings will soon be announced by Dr. Syakirin and Dr. Fuzah.

Nurul Hazlina Noordin
August 29th, 2017