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2017 First Year Seminar Siri 2 - My Study Plan

Today, the First Year Seminar Program continues its Siri 2 activity - 'Hunting' for my treasure!

Siri 2 begins with a welcoming speech by Deputy Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, PM Dr. Hamdan Daniyal.

Soon after that, these students were divided into smaller groups. Each group was given an egg to 'guard' all the time during the treasure hunt. Along with their academic advisor, these students then search for the clues. These clues lead them to 12 different locations in the faculty.

At each location, students were required to answer riddles hovering on the topics related to the academic program and the faculty. Once the students answer the given question correctly, they will obtain a token at each checkpoint. There are all together 12 different tokens such as sponges, straws, newspapers and cotton wool. They are also required to take pictures and upload it to our EEES Facebook #fysEE2017.

Using their creativity, these students are then required construct a 'shell' for the egg, given in the beginning of the treasure hunt, using the tokens that they had retrieved earlier. This 'shell' should be sturdy enough to house the egg and protect it from shattered upon being dropped from the 3rd floor. Sharp at 4 pm, the competition took place in FKEE Block 1. 

Winners were then chosen based on the practicality and reliability of the design. The winners are from team PA Dr. Syamimi (1st place), PA Dr. Ikhwan (2nd place) and PA Hj Amran (3rd place).

I would like to thank all the members of the faculty for their involvement in this event, as well as the FYS committee - Sue, Eyta, Yann, Ikhwan & Riduwan, for their commitment throughout the event.

Photos: PDF FILE

Nurul Hazlina Noordin
September 13th, 2017