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Industry Curriculum Embedment Plan & Intel Makerfaire 2017

Intel Technologies is among the top well-known brand in Malaysia, especially in the electronics engineering industry. Today, 34 3rd year students and lecturers from Universiti Malaysia Pahang attended Intel Malaysia Intel Architecture Makers' Open Day in PG 16 Penang.

A number of school children, university students as well as the Intel-ians showcased their 'hobby', developing electronic projects, on Intel platforms such as Intel Edison, Quartus FPGA, Galileo, and Minnow Board. In this visit, UMP students were given a mission to identify, take photos and upload in EEES FB, 3 projects that impressed them the most as well the projects that they thought of solving it with a better approach. Among projects that took the interest of the visitors were baby stroller stabilizers, Wi-Fi detection system, 'follow-me' electronic cart and smart aquarium.

There was also a meeting between UMP lecturers - Dr. Rizal, Dr. Airul and myself, with Intel Malaysia team, Mr. Tsen Seong Fook, Internet of Things Group (IoTG) manager and Mr. Hasri Harizan Public Affairs manager. Among future collaborations between UMP and Intel Malaysia are:-

  • 2017/18 curriculum embedment plan using Intel Edison development board. UMP will receive 30 units of Intel Edison by November 2017. Pilot program will start in December 2017, involving Year 3 and Year 2 students
  • Technical Talk by Intel on various current technology such as Smart Car, Smart Cities, and Internet of Things.
  • Intel Malaysia participation in UMP's Career-Day in future.

The visit ended with a small 'reunion' with UMP alumni who have become part of the Intel-ians; Michel, Boon Khai, Khairul Nizam and Weng San. Really glad to see them despite their tight working schedule :).

Photos: Download PDF

Nurul Hazlina Noordin
September 20th, 2017