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2017 First Year Seminar Siri 3 - 'My Career'

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On Wednesday, September 27th, 2017, Dr. Hari Narayanan, the Managing Director of Motorola Solutions Malaysia, cum adjunct professor for the faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, visited UMP Pekan. During thi visit, Dr. Hari shared valuable tips on 'How to Thrive As  An Engineer',  in a laid-back 2-hour session with 128 first year students from Electronics, Power System and Industrial Electronics Engineering Program. Dr Hari came along with En. Fuad Mokhtar, Distinguished Engineer of Motorola Solutions and Dr. Suraya Hanim, protege of KPT CEO 2.0 program.

In the beginning of his talk, Dr. Hari walked down the memory lane of his undergraduate experience in The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) back in 1981. His childhood hobby, tinkering toys, drove him to pursue mechanical engineering program. Soon after graduation, Dr Hari continued his PhD studies, before becoming a lecturer in the UK. Dr Hari later switched from academia to the engineering industry, when he became an engineer for Motorola Solutions.

Dr. Hari's motivational talk captured students' interest, especially when he elaborated on the attitude that a young engineer should posses. He emphasized on the importance of staying positive and working hard, as perseverance is the key towards success. At the end of the session, Dr Hari took a number of questions from the students, who were keen to know about the expectations on fresh graduates from the perspective of an employer. Besides the employment rate, the students were also intrigued by Motorola's product and services.

Earlier that day, Dr. Hari, En Fuad and Dr. Suraya attended a curriculum review meeting with the faculty members - PM Dr Hamdan, Dr Bakri, Dr Zahim, Dr Rizal and me. We discussed on the syllabus of Power System Engineering, Electrical Electronics Engineering and Industrial Electronics. Besides extending the MWicom Program, under Talent Corp Industrial Academia Collaboration initiatives, FKEE is also looking into engaging Motorola Solution Team in the technical talk session upon selected topics over the next coming months.

Before leaving FKEE, Dr. Hari visited the space allocated for the STEM Lab. The renovation work will be taking place this October and is expected to finish early December.

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Nurul Hazlina Noordin
September 28th, 2017