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International adjunct Professor visit to FKEE

FKEE has appointed an adjunct professor from Singapore as one of the branding strategy in international level. Mr Zainuddin Nordin is currently a Member of Parliament (MP) in Bishan-Tao Payoh GRC since 2001. He obtained his tertiary education in electronics engineering France institute. Prior to joining the politics, he served in a wide area services such as lecturer in Singapore-French Institute, Manager in Nanyang Polytech and Mayor in Singapore Central District. Apart from his political activity, he is also a football enthusiast where he is currently leading the Singapore national football association. With this strong background in multidisciplinary area, he is expected to contribute to the development of FKEE by utilizing his strong networking internationally.

Collage zainudin

On 20th March 2014, Mr Zainuddin has made the first official visit to our faculty in Pekan. During the visit he has attended the discussion with the FKEE management and exchange a lot of idea in order to strategically positioning FKEE in the international level. Among the suggestions are to strengthen the academia-industry bond. He had also been introduced to the facilities and laboratories available in FKEE. As a positive response to FKEE, with the all planned strategies he believes FKEE is on the right track to achieve its vision in the near future.

Writing by : Amran Bin Abdul Hadi