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Innovate Malaysia had announced their 2016 Innovate Malaysia Challenge. There are altogether 9 tracks, which are sponsored by the E&E industry. On September 30th, 2015, FKEE welcomed the Innovate 2016 team members, lead by the secretariat Dream Catcher Sdn Bhd, Talent Corp, Techsource and Vitrox. Besides promoting the Innovate 2016 to UMP students, the speakers also gave talks on:-
1 - Talent Development Programs (Mr Selva Adi Narayan- Talent Corp)
2 - Inovate Malaysia Design Challenge (Ms Anis - Dream Catcher)
3 - Life As An Engineer (Ms Esther Ling - Techsource)
3 - Research Advancement in Machine Vision (Mr Tan - Vitrox)

carrier talk

The due date to register for this competition is October 12th, 2015. We would like to encourage as much participants as possible.
The competition is open for all the final year students (individual / groups of not more than 3 students).
Below is the link for the competition:-
Upon selected, the students will be trained on the tools (hardware and software) that are suitable for their projects. To all the final year students, do take this opportunity. Most importantly, your participation in this competition will surely look nice in your resume!

See you in IMDC 2016, InSyaAllah!