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Professor Fabrice Meriaudeau visit to FKEE

Collage Prof Meriaudeau


On 23rd of October, Professor Fabrice Meriaudeau from University of Burgundy, Dijon, France has visited Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (FKEE). During the visit, he has been introduced to several facilities and laboratories in FKEE, such as robotics, power electronics and image processing laboratories, in the morning.

Then, he has attended the discussion with FKEE management and senior lecturers and exchange a lot of information on the double PhD programme in France. In the afternoon, Professor Fabrice Meriaudeau is invited to deliver a talk to FKEE’s staff and postgraduate students on his research centre and double PhD programme implementation.

As a positive response to FKEE initiative on this programme, Professor Fabrice Meriaudeau would like to help faculty on introducing several joint supervisors with various research fields in his research centre. He also believes that the FKEE is on the right track in producing double PhD’s students in the near future.