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Objectives:The three-axis accelerometer used to reflect the Motion Artifact (MA) implemented in the Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC) technique has failed to provide the required MA for accurate processing. This study investigates the validity of using a Covered Photodetector (CPD) for MA detection to unify the sources of generated desired and MA signals to avoid electronic noise differences. Methods/Statistical Analysis:The two devices were fastened together and exposed to various kinds of motions. The Amplitude Fluctuations (AFs) responding in the time domain and the Linear Correlation Coefficient (r) were observed. Findings:Confirmed the proposed approach validity by pointing a rapprochement in AFs. The calculated r was0.999 in asteady state while in motion states rangesfrom 0.998 to 0.794 according to movement changes. Application/Improvements: Implementing such concept for Photoplethysmography signal processing within ANC leads to a curate critical medical diagnosis at a lower cost.