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Applied Electronic and Computer Engineering (AppECE) was established in 2006 as one of the research clusters in Faculty of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, UMP. It is divided into three groups, focusing on three areas of research, aiming toward the establishment of center of excellence. The three research groups consist of Vision Intelligent System (ViSIS), Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) and Applied Electronics (AE).


Vision Intelligent System (ViSIS)

The focus of ViSIS Group is in the field of image processing and intelligent systems in engineering applications. Various challenges and barriers that exist in smart technology and machine vision systems have prompted a group of experts to explore the areas of research using computer vision covering diverse specialties such as artificial intelligence, and integration of image analysis and machine learning. Its main purpose is to use vision and intelligent systems in a variety of applications that meet the needs of industry and consumers. The group is also active in research in the field of automation, robots and control systems, agriculture and food processing, defense, and security monitoring systems, thermal imager, intelligent driving assistance systems and intelligent transport systems.


Advanced Signal Processing (ASP)

ASP focuses on the application of the signal processing in the area of intelligent system, software engineering, telecommunication, fuzzy system and neural network. The research group will cover the algorithms, signal processing techniques and systems to provide the solution for the technical challenge in applied signal processing and will be working closer with industrial sectors


Applied Electronics (AE)

AE focuses on research in the field of micro-and nano-electronics, including fabrication, microelectronic circuit design, and exploration of new techniques in design of integrated circuits. The group is also involved in research in the field of telecommunication engineering that focuses on the design of antenna systems, radio frequency (RF) and wireless telecommunication. Through collaboration with Agilent Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd., a research laboratory was established under this group, based on the module from the collaboration between academia (Industry-Center of Excellence, I-CoE) and industry (Agilent UMP). In addition, the group is also involved in research in the field of bio-medical engineering, where research projects are focused on building and designing electronic applications that meet the needs of applications in medicine and biological sciences.