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SuPER Cluster is an alliance of experts in energy engineering discipline. SuPER aimed to be the point of reference in academia, industry and community in the area of expertise. The cluster focus on three research areas; Sustainable Energy, Power Electronics & Drives and Power System Engineering.


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Sustainable Energy Research Group

The Sustainable Energy Research Group (SEG) conducts both fundamental and applied researches specifically in energy storage, smart grid, distributed generation and renewable energy (solar energy, wind energy, wave & tidal energy). At the moment, current research projects in the group are funded from a variety of sources, mainly from Ministry of Education Malaysia. SEG works closely with the Centre for Earth Resources Research & Management (CERRM) within the University for Interdisciplinary Work, collaborating with various research departments inside and outside university along with direct cooperation with industrial partners.

Sustainable Energy Research Group promotes collaboration with external researchers and developers over a range of engineering and science areas as well as scientific consultancy.

Power Electronics & Drives Research Group

The Power Electronics Research Group is aimed to lead research activities across a range of fields including power electronic energy conversion, motor drives and motor control. The group mission is to achieve an international level of research in key power electronic disciplines from power device technology to complete power conversion systems.

Power System Engineering Research Group

The main purpose of the Power System Engineering Research Group (PSE) is to organize research and development (R&D) activities related to power system engineering field. The group's expertise is to provide technology solutions and practices for safe and efficient operation of the power systems. Innovative research in this field will ensure continuity, reliability and security of electricity for future generations.

Currently, research projects include Distributed/ Renewable Generation, Power System Optimization, Artificial/ Computational Intelligence in Power System, Smart Grid, Power System Protection, Machine Learning in Power System and Energy Management & Conservation.