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Norasyikin Fadilah

Expertise: Computer Vision, Neural Network, Embedded System Technology

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Vision and Intelligent System (VisIS) research cluster,
Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Universiti Malaysia Pahang,
26600, Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia

Phone: +609-424-6080
Fax:   +609-424-6111
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  1. Fadilah, NORASYIKIN; Mohamad-Saleh, JUNITA; Color feature extraction of oil palm fresh fruit bunch image for ripeness classification, 13th International Conference on Applied Computer and Applied Computational Science (ACACOS’14), pp. 51-55
  2. Fadilah, Norasyikin; Mohamad-Saleh, Junita; Abdul Halim, Zaini; Ibrahim, Haidi; Syed Ali, Syed Salim; Intelligent color vision system for ripeness classification of oil palm fresh fruit bunch, Vol. 12, No. 10, pp. 14179-14195, Intelligent and Advanced Systems (ICIAS), 2012 4th International Conference on, Vol. 1, pp. 18-21
  3. Fadilah, Norasyikin; Saleh, Junita Mohamad; Ibrahim, Haidi; Halim, Zaini Abdul; Oil palm fresh fruit bunch ripeness classification using artificial neural network