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Ruhaizad Ishak, PhD

Senior Lecturer,
Sustainable Energy & Power Electronics Research Cluster,
Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Universiti Malaysia Pahang,
26600, Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia

Phone: +609-424-6102
Fax:   +609-424-6111
email: ruhaizad[at], ruhaizad_ishak[at]

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Book & Chapters

1. Ruhaizad Ishak, Mohd Shawal Jadin and Mohd Redzuan Ahmad, “Technical Module – Electrical Power Quality”. Publisher: University Malaysia Pahang. 1st ed. August 2009. ISBN -978-967-5080-64-7.

2. Mohd Redzuan Ahmad and Ruhaizad Ishak, "Electrical Power System : Teaching Module". Publisher: University Malaysia Pahang. 1st ed. 2011. ISBN - 978-967-0120-06-5.

3. Norainon Mohamed, Mohd Redzuan Ahmad, Ruhaizad Ishak, Norhafidzah Saad and Amir Izzani Mohamed, "Electrical Power System". Publisher: University Malaysia Pahang. 1st ed. 2016. ISBN - 978-967-0691-93-0.


Journals & Proceedings

1. Ruhaizad Ishak & Rosmadi Abdullah, "Development of UMP’s Electric Vehicle: Power Consumption Modelling", 8th WSEAS Int. Conf. Power Sys, Cantabria, Spain, Sept 2008, pp. 78-80.

2. Bashi, S. M., Mariun, N., & Ishak, R, "Development of Flywheel Inverter System for Voltage Sag Mitigation", European Journal of Scientific Research, 30(4), pp 670-676, 2009.

3.  F. R. M. Rashidi, R. M. T. R. Ismail, R. Ishak & L.T. Razak,  "A New Approach in Obtaining Transfer Function for a Large- Scale Linear Network", WSEAS Int. Conf. Proceedings. Mathematics and Computers in Science and Engineering , Oct 2008, No. 10.

4. R. Ishak, R.M. T. Raja Ismail &F. R. M. Rashidi, " Motor Starting Sag Mitigation Using Flywheel System", 9th WSEAS/IASME Int. Conf. Electric Power Sys., High Voltages, Electric Machines, Genova, Italy, Oct 2009, pp. 163 - 166.

5. Hussin, M. A., Abdalla, A. N., Ishak, R., Abdullah, R., & Ali, Z. M., "Study on Improving Electric Vehicle Drive Range Using Solar Energy", International Conference onElectrical, Control and Computer Engineering (INECCE), 21-22 June, Pahang, pp. 373-376, 2011. 

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10. Ali A. Ali Emhammed, Ahmed N. Abdalla, Ruhaizad Ishak & Aqeel S. Jaber "Overloaded Transmission Lines Protection Based on Intelligent Control Protection Scheme" Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Vol. 11, 192-198, 2016.