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Mohd Hisyam bin Mohd Ariff

Expertise: Radio Identification System, Antenna Design and Radio Propagation, Electronic System Design, Wireless Communication System, Data Communication System.


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Applied Electronics & Computer Engineering Research group,
Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Universiti Malaysia Pahang,
26600, Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia

Phone: +609-424-6046
Fax:   +609-424-6000
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Research Interest

Antenna Design

  • Efficiency of various multiple-antenna schemes.
  • Parameters related to antennas (examples might include pattern, beam width, gain, distance from an antenna or array at which far field conditions apply, spacing, beam forming, tilt, and sectorization) and analyze the effects of these parameters on coverage and capacity.
  • System design to eliminate coverage holes and to optimize capacity/coverage.
  • Path loss analysis on the received signal strength in various signal propagation environments.

Radio Frequency Identification

  • RFID tag design.
  • RFID reader design.
  • RFID anti collision algorithm.

Microwave Design

  • Design highly complex microwave engineering and backhaul network.
  • Design, development and optimization for microwave network.
  • SNMP traffic aggregation between radio terminals and OEMs to Element Managers.

Exhibition Awards

  1. Year: 2020. Project TitleDesign and Analysis of the Zero-Current Switching Buck Converter. EventCreative, Innovation, Technology & Research Exposition (Citrex 2020)Result: Silver.
  2. Year: 2020. Project TitleDeep Learning Vehicle Counting Analysis Using Edge Computing Platform for Smartcities Application . EventCreative, Innovation, Technology & Research Exposition (Citrex 2020)Result: Gold.
  3. Year: 2020. Project TitlePDHA Meter Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Measurement using UWB and Deep Machine Learning . EventCreative, Innovation, Technology & Research Exposition (Citrex 2020)Result: Gold.
  4. Year: 2020. Project TitleDual Solutions of Magnetohydrodinamic Rotating Flow and Heat Transfer Nanofluids. EventCreative, Innovation, Technology & Research Exposition (Citrex 2020)Result: Silver.
  5. Year: 2019. Project TitleUltra High Frequency 921 MHz Antenna. Event30th International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition 2019 (ITEX 2019). Result: Silver.
  6. Year: 2019Project Title: Ultra High Frequency 921 MHz Antenna with Circular Polarization for RFID Reader. EventCreative, Innovation, Technology & Research Exposition (Citrex 2019)Result: Gold.

Research Grants

  1. Project Title: Numerical Solutions of the Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer of Hybrid Nanofluids Over a Stretching/ Shrinking Sheet With Various Physical Impacts. Amount: RM 21,000
  2. Project Title: A Fundamental Study on the Circular polarization Antenna for RFID UHF Reader.Amount: RM 29,000
  3. Project Title: Development of Weather Change Analyzer (WCA) for Dragon Fruit Farming Using Reliable Wireless Transfer Protocol. Amount:RM 30,000
  4. Project Title:Development of Mobile Phone Qibla and Prayer Time Finder Using External Global Positional System (GPS) and Digital Compass SystemAmount:RM 37,000
  5. Project Title: An Improvement of Controller of Switch Reluctance Motor. Amount:RM 29,500