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Research interest:

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), Intelligence Machine, Machine vision, Mobile Robot, Embedded Systems, Estimation problem

Research Grant:

  • 2013 A Spherical Simplex Sampling Technique for an Unscented FastSLAM in solvong SLAM problem, FRGS, Leader.
  • 2013 - A New Sampling Technique for an Unscented FastSLAM in solving SLAM problem, Internal Grant UMP,Leader.
  • 2013 - Study On Object's Contour Construction Based On Moving RGB Depth Sensor And Laser Range Sensor, FRGS, Member.
  • 2014 - Large Airport gate Allocation Scheduling Based on Advanced Computational Intelligence Algorithm ,KTP, Member
  • 2014 - Development of a Wall Climbing Robot for Industrial Inspection, Internal Grant UMP, Member.
  • 2013 - State Covariance Analysis for Adaptive Fuzzy Extended Kalman Filter in Mobile Robot Localization Considering Noise Divergence FRGS - Member
  • 2013 - In Search for Mathematical Model : The Potential of Optimization Algorithms in System Identification Internal Grant UMP
  • Design of Casting Process Control System for Automatic Flat Sheet Membrane Casting Machine.
  • Automatic Controller Design For SMI Production Station.
  • 2015 - Hybrid Remotely Controlled and Automonous on Heavy Roll Handling Automatic Guided Vehicle for Narrow and Confine Area
  • 2013 - Fuzzy Logic Grasping Control Considering Multiple Objects Features
  • 2013 - Autonomous Vision-Based Underwater Mapping Technique for Legged Robot Navigation
  • 2007 – Student Attendance using vicinity RFID (Internal University Grant) – Leader
  • 2006 - Machine Vision for Palm Oil Grading (Internal University Grant) – Member
  • 2006 – Computer Based Control System for Motor Applications – Members of PC based Controller.
  • 2005 - Motorized-Battery Operated Vehicles (FRGS) -Electronic Control Unit Coordinator.