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Senior Lecturer

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Final Year Projects

  1. Drivers’ blind-spot elimination system for safer driving experience.
  2. Automatic switch for security and garden lighting for intruder deterrent.
  3. Multi-speed dual-directional 12V DC motor control for general application.
  4. Low-cost PWM-based variable speed drive for motor application.
  5. Generic portable DC power supply for low-powered devices.
  6. Application of Solar Energy to Power Stand-Alone Compound Lighting Systems Using LED Lights.
  7. A Cost-Saving and Hassle-Free Solar Powered Automatic Watering System For Domestic Use.
  8. Solar Powered Automatic Watering System For General Gardening.
  9. Solar Charge Controller For A Small Stand-Alone PV System.
  10. LED Lighting Design For Solar Powered Compound Lighting.
  11. Solar Powered AC Incubator Employing Square Wave Inverter Systems.
  12. Practical Solar-Powered LED Compound Lighting System .
  13. Practical Solar Powered Timer-Based Mini Watering System.
  14. Battery Capacity Tester.
  15. Solar Powered Remote Monitoring and Control of An Irrigation System .
  16. DC-DC Charge Controller For A Small PV System.