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Dr. Ahmad Nor Kasruddin Nasir

Robot dynamics & Motion control, Bio-inspired and Nature-Inspired optimization algorithm, System identification, Modelling and control, Artificial intelligence.

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Senior Lecturer,
Instrumentation and Control  Engineering (ICE) research cluster,
Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
Universiti Malaysia Pahang,
26600, Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia

Phone: +609-424-6153
Fax:   +609-424-6000
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Degree Program:
Lecture/Teaching basis:

  1. BEE 4***: Robotics and automation.

  2. BEE1313: Instrumentation and measurements.

  3. BEE 3***: Electro-mechanical system.

  4. BEE 4***: Process control.

  5. BEE3313 Principle of Control System.

Project basis:

  1. BEE4712: Engineering Project I

  2. BEE4724: Engineering Project II

  3. BEE3333: Integrated Engineering Project


Diploma Program:
Lecture/Teaching basis:

  1. DEE 1213: Computer programming.

  2. DEE 1124: Circuit Analysis I.

  3. DEE 2124: Circuit analysis II.

  4. AutoCad for Electronic Engineers (2D)

  5. Domestic Electrical Installation (Wiring)

Project basis: