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Dr. Ahmad Nor Kasruddin Nasir

Robot dynamics & Motion control, Bio-inspired and Nature-Inspired optimization algorithm, System identification, Modelling and control, Artificial intelligence.

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Senior Lecturer,
Instrumentation and Control  Engineering (ICE) research cluster,
Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
Universiti Malaysia Pahang,
26600, Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia

Phone: +609-424-6153
Fax:   +609-424-6000
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Research & Development


Research Interest

Modelling and control of nonlinear systems

  • Artificial intelligence fuzzy logic and neural network controllers.

  • Conventional PID controller.

  • Modern state-space controller.

  • Modelling and control of an inverted pendulum system.

  • Modelling and control of a gantry crane system.

  • Modelling and control of a hovercraft system.

  • Modelling and control of a two-wheels mobile robot.

  • Modelling and control of a single-link flexible manipulator system.

  • Modelling and control of a twin-rotor system.


Bio-inspired and Nature-inspired optimization algorithm with single-objective

  • Adaptive spiral dynamic optimization.

  • Adaptive bacterial foraging algorithm.

  • Hybrid spiral dynamic algorithm.

  • Hybrid bacterial foraging algorithm.

  • Hybrid Genetic algorithm.


Soft computation and optimization with bi-objectives

  • Hybrid SDA-NSGA2 optimization algorithm.

  • Hybrid SDA-MOPSO optimization algorithm.


Research Grants (Leader)

  1. Project Title: A multi-objective spiral dynamic algorithm with a better response.
    Amount: RM99,000.

Fund: FRGS, Ministry of Higher Education, MOSTI, Malaysia.

Duration: 2016-2019.

  1. Project Title: Modelling and control of a flexible manipulator arm based on SDA and GSA.
    Amount: RM34,000.

Fund: Internal grant, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia.

Duration: 2016-2018.


Research Grants (Member)

  1. Project Title: Amount: Fund: Duration: