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Microcontroller Application, Electronics System and Instrumentation, Wireless Monitoring System.

Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Universiti Malaysia Pahang,
26600, Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia

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Place: Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Bachelor Degree/First Degree Program:

YEAR : 2017

Semester        Subject Code  Subject

16172/IJA        BEE2223         Microprocessor

16172/DIP       DEE3941        Microcontroller Application


YEAR : 2016

Semester        Subject Code  Subject

16171/IJA        BEE3941         Microcontroller Applications

16171/IJA        BEE2223         Microprocessor

15162/IJA        BEE3941         Microcontroller Applications

15162/IJA        BEE2223         Microprocessor

16172/ISM      BEE3941         Microcontroller Applications


YEAR : 2015

Semester        Subject Code  Subject

15161/IJA        BEE3941         Microcontroller Applications


YEAR : 2011

Semester        Subject Code  Subject

10112/DIP       DEE3719 Industrial Training (Hw)

10112/DIP       DEE3723 Industrial Training Report (Hw)

10112/IJA        BEE4739 Industrial Training (Hw)

10112/IJA        BEE4743 Industrial Training Report (Hw)


YEAR : 2010

Semester        Subject Code  Subject

10111/DIP       DEE3719        Industrial Training (Hw)

10111/DIP       DEE3723        Industrial Training Report (Hw)

10111/IJA        BEE4323         Embedded Controller Technology

10111/IJA        BEE4739         Industrial Training (Hw)

10111/IJA        BEE4743         Industrial Training Report (Hw)

09102/DIP       DEE2113        Electric Circuits II

09102/DIP       DEE3719        Industrial Training (Hw)

09102/DIP       DEE3723        Industrial Training Report (Hw)


YEAR : 2009

Semester        Subject Code  Subject

09102/IJA        BEE1222         Computer Programming

09102/IJA        BEE1213         Digital Electronics

09102/IJA        BEE4739         Industrial Training (Hw)

09102/IJA        BEE4743         Industrial Training Report (Hw)

09101/DIP       DEE1113        Electric Circuits I

09101/DIP       DEE3719        Industrial Training (Hw)

09101/DIP       DEE3723        Industrial Training Report (Hw)

09101/IJA        BEE4323         Embedded Controller Technology

09101/IJA        BEE4739         Industrial Training (Hw)

09101/IJA        BEE4743         Industrial Training Report (Hw)


YEAR : 2008

Semester        Subject Code  Subject

08092/IJA        BEE1123         Electric Circuits II

08092/IJA        BET1533         Engineering Mathematics II

08092/IJA        BET1542         Engineering Mathematics I


Project basis:

BEE4712: Engineering Project I – 2008-present
BEE4724: Engineering Project II – 2008-present
BEE3333: Integrated Engineering Project – 2015-present
DEE3712: Final Project for Diploma – 2008 - present