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Dr. Mohd. Shafie Bin Bakar,

Senior Lecturer, Sustainable Energy & Power Electronics Research (SuPER) Group,

Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang,

Pekan Campus, 26600 Pekan, Pahang Darul Makmur

Phone: +609-424-6054
Fax:   +609-424-6111
email: shafie[at], shafie72[at]

MZJ Formatting Certified Trainer

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  1. Mohd Aiman Ahmad – Master of Science (co-supervisor;- completed 2016 ). (Title: Design & Development of Three Phase Inverter with SVPWM).
  2. Tiong Meng Chung – Master of Science (co-supervisor;- completed 2017). (Binary Search Algorithm with Direct Control Strategy as Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique for Partial Shading and Dynamic Irradiance).


PSM (Projek Sarjana Muda; Final Year Project)

  1. Wan Muhammad Izzul Iqbal Bin Wan Mohd Marzuki – completed 2017. (Title: An Effect of Coupled Inductor in Bidirectional DC-DC Converter), Project wins the IEEE Power Electronics Society Award.
  2. Noor Hidayaton Shamilah Binti Abdul Hamid – completed 2017. (Title: A Study of Third Harmonic Injection Carrier Based PWM for Three-Phase Inverter).
  3. Normaliza Binti Osman – completed 2016. (Title: A Simulation Study of the Effect Of Parasitic in DC-DC Converter).
  4. Ahmad Faiz Bin Ghani – completed 2016. (Title: Wireless Power Transfer with Multilevel Output Voltages).
  5. A’azimah Binti Sa’adon Zubir – completed 2016. (Title: A Simulation of Photovoltaic Modeling for Converter System).
  6. Solomon Anak Roger –completed 2016. (Title: An Analysis of Input and Output Ripple for Ac Chopper).
  7. James Janang Anak Minggu – completed 2016 (Title: Performance Investigation of Low Frequency Isolating Transformer Online Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)).
  8. Suhailah Binti Sujali – completed 2015 (Title: Development of Voltage Mode Controlled For Non Isolated Buck Converter).
  9. Noor Azira Binti Ali – completed 2015 (Title: Matlab/Simulink Model for 2 KVA Singlephase VSI) .
  10. Amira Aisha Binti Amran – completed 2015 (Title: A Comparative Study of PWM Strategies for Three Phase Inverter).
  11.  Izzat Aiman Bin Zakaria – completed 2014 (Title: Development of Buck Converter).
  12. Ahmad Farid Abdul Jalil – completed 2007 (Title: PC-based Dual Stepper Motor with Monitoring System).
  13. Sharifah Nur Ruhylda Syed Abdul Rahim – completed 2007 (Title: Model Detection of Emergency Siren at Cross-Junction).
  14. Norsaidah Mohamad – completed 2007 (Title: Design a 16 bit Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) Using Altera Max+Pluss  II).
  15. Nor Laili Ismail – completed 2006 (Title: Sprinkle System).
  16. Normah Ahmed – completed 2006 (Title: Autonomous Vehicle).
  17. Faisza Abdul Jaafar – completed 2006 (Title: Development Stationery Vending Machine).
  18. Muhamad Ridzuan Azizan – completed 2006. (Title: The Platform Moving Robot).
  19. Teoh Pei Yee – completed 2007 (Title: Development of Digital Multimeter Using Microprocessor).


PSAD (Projek Semester Akhir Diploma; FInal Semester Diploma Project)

  1. Mohd. Nazar Basri  – completed 2001. (Title:  Interfacing PIA system with 16 Segment Display & Switch).
  2. Mohd. Saifuddin Mohd. Said – completed 2000. (Title:  Interfacing PIA system with 3 bit 16 Segment Display).
  3. Abdul Aziz Ghazali – completed 2000. (Title:  Interfacing ACIA with Microprocessor System).
  4. Hazrul Aqmar Jamil – completed 2000. (Title:  Interfacing PIA system with DC motor).
  5. Mujahidun Mashuri – completed 2000. (Title:  Interfacing PIA system with DAC). 
  6. Zainoor Hafizah Darsan  – completed 2000. (Title:  Interfacing PIA system with ADC).